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From Memorial Day picnics, Mardi Gras banquets and Passover seders to wedding feasts and Lenten fasts, all of our favorite celebrations include food. But why? Why do we bake cookies at Christmas? Why color eggs for Easter? Why is it lucky to eat certain foods on the New Year? What makes chili appropriate chow on Super Bowl Sunday? Why is chocolate the most popular Valentineís Day gift?

Every time one of these special occasions arrives, we participate in customs and rituals whose meanings and origins lie buried in history. Follow the links to read the fascinating stories behind our most beloved celebrations and discover recipes that will make any festivity a memorably delicious event.

Celebration Topics

Valentine's Day
Love. It makes the world go round, conquers all and warps the mind. We are star-crossed by it, swept away by it, fall into it, and become fools for it. It canít be bought, but some have paid dearly for it. Allís fair in it. Wars have been fought for it, and kingdoms renounced for it. Itís better than wine, sweeter than candy and more glorious than a summerís day. And anyone will tell you itís better to have done it and lost, than never have done it at all...

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Meals on Reels
If appetizers are meant to stimulate the appetite, then movies are one of the best hors d'oeuvres around. Picture this. You're sitting in a dark theater watching a film about America's favorite sport: baseball. Suddenly you get a craving for a hot dog smothered in onions, mustard and pickle relish. Or perhaps it's a slam-bam action film about The Mob. The guys are in the slammer. Someone's smuggled in pepperoni and wine. One of the "Goodfellas" is holding a knife, but he's not menacing a guard, just slicing paper-thin slivers of garlic for the tomato gravy. On cue, you hunger for a heaping plate of spaghetti and meatballs...

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