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Food History

Even though anthropologists and archaeologists classify the earliest stages of human evolution by the foods our distant ancestors consumed, there is more correlation between food and the advancement of civilization. Food has impacted population growth and urban development, played an integral role in all religions, determined politics and economies, fueled commerce, instigated conquest, and occasioned the discovery of new territories.

Our constant quest for new ingredients and improved methods of preparation has supplied the building blocks of humanity’s development. Follow the links to discover an amazing array of food history and a delicious collection of recipes gathered from all corners of the world and all epochs of civilization.

Food History Topics

Hoping for an amorous encounter on Valentine's Day? Want a fail safe formula for sensual success? Eat together. Don't let the simplicity of my suggestion fool you. Humanity's most basic life-sustaining act has been its most seductive scenario since the dawn of time...

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Being a god has privileges. Take food for instance. Masters of the Universe do not eat ham and eggs. The Greek gods supped on ambrosia, sipped nectar and never shared their divine vittles with mere mortals. The Israelites were more fortunate. When they were starving in the wilderness, Jehovah showered them with a special delivery of heavenly manna. The Aztecs had the best deal. Quetzalcoatl fed his faithful chocolate...

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