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Food for Thought: Aphrodisiacs

Hoping for an amorous encounter on Valentine's Day? Want a fail safe formula for sensual success? Eat together. Don't let the simplicity of my suggestion fool you. Humanity's most basic life-sustaining act has been its most seductive scenario since the dawn of time.

Indulge my imagination for a moment. Flickering firelight casts shadows on the cave wall. He and she offer raw oysters to each other and lick their fingers. They sip fermented fruit juice from seashells. They move closer together. One thing leads to another and.... It's the late 20th century. Flickering candles cast shadows on the wall of a romantic bistro. He and she offer chocolate dipped strawberries to each other and lick their fingers. They sip fine champagne from crystal goblets. They move closer together. One thing leads to another and... You get the picture.

I'll never forget the first time I prepared a romantic dinner. I was seventeen and he was a sophisticated college sophomore. Mother had diplomatically disappeared for the evening, and I set the table with her best china, crystal and silver. When my heartthrob arrived, chilled Liebfraumilch in hand, candles were burning and soft music was playing.

It had taken me days to choose the perfect menu. Filet mignon, fresh sweet peas, and tiny buttered carrots I'd carefully carved from huge supermarket specimens. Desert was chocolate cake with whipped cream and raspberries. I haven't a clue what we talked about, but I can still see the table. The meal must have been a raging success. I've been seducing guests over supper ever since.

There is absolutely nothing more sensuous and titillating than sharing a meal with your beloved. Especially if you are sharing said repast in bed. The Romans may not have invented the idea, but they are notorious for their custom of dining whilst reclining. With after dinner intentions so blatantly indicated, menus frequently featured foods believed to whet more lusty appetites. The randy Romans were intimate with every trick in the aphrodisiac book, and many a meal climaxed in more ways than one.

Basing their aphrodisiac school of thought on "form follows function," phallic shaped foods figured prominently at every Roman eating orgy. Asparagus was enjoyed

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